Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Visit from the Kings

Last week Jordan's only sister Jenna came for a visit from Arizona. She and her husband flew here with their four darling children. We had a wonderful time and really packed it in. We did lots of fun things and kept the kids busy. We did activities with them daily and at night after they all crashed us adults played games. It really was so much fun.

Hanging out in the hottub. Jenna, Travis, Matthew and Leah:

Travis (left) and Matthew happy to be going for a bike ride in Mimosa Park:

Peter and Matthew enjoying a chat in Mimosa Park:

Our newest niece Eliza and her cute mom, Jenna:

Jordan and Matthew sharing a snuggle at Allen Splash Pad:
A thirsty Matthew excited about a drink of water at Mimosa Park:

The kiddos enjoying a snack of muffins at Mimosa Park :

Super Hannah enjoying the Allen splashpad:


royalbird said...

SO much fun! I hope we can make it out there again. We sure had fun!

Elyse said...

SO Fun => I tried emailing you the other day, but I must have an old email address. mine is if you want to shoot me a note and we can chat! => Love you~Elyse

Heidi said...

I do have the cutest neices and nephews. Looks like you guys had a blast.

Julie said...

That splash pad looks like sooo much fun!

Jordan said...

Indeed it is. Texas is all sorts of fun that way. Ya'll should try it out! :)