Friday, July 18, 2008

Missing: Peter's Tonsils

Yesterday, Peter had his tonsils and adenoids removed. We were a little nervous as we kissed him goodbye just before he went "under," but he woke up about 40 minutes later as scheduled. As he came out of his drug-induced haze, he was a bit groggy and disoriented, but still very polite with the "thanks" and "no, thanks", etc. So far, he has not been in very much pain, and has loved eating all the ice cream, popsicles, frozen fruit pops, and Ramen he can eat. Hopefully that will continue to be the case until he is completely recovered. Here is a pre-op picture of Peter, taken on Andrea's cell phone:

As a side note, some of you know that Hannah has a sort of obsession with disgusting things. That is, she loves to look at things that make most normal stomachs churn. For example, she always wants to look at Matthews poopy diapers before we roll them up, etc.

Before we took Peter in for his surgery, I teased the kids that the doctor was going to let us keep Peter's tonsils and adenoids in a jar to put on our fireplace mantel as a decoration. When I got home, Hannah of course asked to see the jar of tonsils first thing, and seemed genuinely disappointed when I reported that the doctor did not let us keep them.

Wish Peter a speedy recovery!


Bridgette Burbank said...

I hope Peter heals quickly. That is funny about Hannah! What a personality.

Heidi said...

Hope you feel better soon Peter. Love you lots!

royalbird said...

I hope Peter is feeling better today! Andrea told me on Saturday that he was in a lot of pain. Here's to a speedy recovery!

Heidi said...

I hope Peter recovers fast. Brendan had an easy recovery when he got his tonsils out. It is amazing how resilient children are. miss you all and love you,

Jordan said...

Peter is doing much better this week. Of course, he still insists that he isn't and that he *has* to still eat ice cream continually. Thanks for all of your thoughts and comments!