Friday, August 7, 2009

I Have to Share!

I can't believe how sparse the pictures of my little babies are on this pathetic blog of mine!  I was admiring them both today as they layed on my bed next to each other, both cooing and smiling away at me.  As I delighted in their sweetness I decided that today is the the day I have to gets some pics up of these angels.  We are just so happy to have these little ones in our home.  They bring so much joy.  They really are the sweetest, happiest, cutest little babies. Enjoy the pics! They are already three months old!!  I can't believe how very fast time goes.  I wish I could just freeze them right now as they are.  So fun!!Emmeline- 2 days ago
Elizabeth, also 2 days ago
Chillin' together in their swing- a favorite pastime of theirs.
I love the little grin on Emmi's face in this picture. 
Emmi on top, Lizzie on bottom. 
These are my favorite outfits of theirs as it makes their blue eyes POP!  Lizzie on left, Emms on the right. Aren't they cute??!!  (I'm not a proud mama or anything am I??!!)