Sunday, December 6, 2009

A few more of the bebes

So here are a few more pics of our photo shoot with the babies at 6 months. Love these girls!
Here's a good Texas picture. A big field with a big tree. This is Lizzie.
Love this picture of my honey and his babe. So sweet.
I love their glassy blue eyes.

A Little Catch-up

Since it's been a long while since I have blogged I thought I would begin with a few Halloween pics. We had a great Halloween!Hannah and Matthew, aka ninja and witch.
Matthew showing off his mad ninja skills.
A sad little love-bug, Emmeline.
Me and my two lovelies. They were a lady bug and a love-bug.
All the chilluns- Peter is a vampire, Leah is Princess Leah.
Pumpkin carving fun!
The final products. I thought the kids did quite well this year. Overall a super fun Halloween.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A few pics

About a month and a half ago my neighbor took these shots of my babes. Aren't they cute?! I have been very negligent in getting pictures up here so I am going to try to catch up some tonight. At this photo shoot Emmie was NOT interested in smiling. She wanted so badly to just go to sleep. She is usually delightful and smiley but not so much in this shoot.
My funny Lizzie-girl. She is a hoot and gives the biggest, most joy-filled smiles.
Happy Lizzie.
Jordan and I loving our babies. We LOVE these girls and are so grateful to have them in our lives

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Have to Share!

I can't believe how sparse the pictures of my little babies are on this pathetic blog of mine!  I was admiring them both today as they layed on my bed next to each other, both cooing and smiling away at me.  As I delighted in their sweetness I decided that today is the the day I have to gets some pics up of these angels.  We are just so happy to have these little ones in our home.  They bring so much joy.  They really are the sweetest, happiest, cutest little babies. Enjoy the pics! They are already three months old!!  I can't believe how very fast time goes.  I wish I could just freeze them right now as they are.  So fun!!Emmeline- 2 days ago
Elizabeth, also 2 days ago
Chillin' together in their swing- a favorite pastime of theirs.
I love the little grin on Emmi's face in this picture. 
Emmi on top, Lizzie on bottom. 
These are my favorite outfits of theirs as it makes their blue eyes POP!  Lizzie on left, Emms on the right. Aren't they cute??!!  (I'm not a proud mama or anything am I??!!)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Fun-Filled Fourth

For the 4th I met up with my parents and we headed to the scenic little town of Salado, Texas.  What a fun little place it was!  Lots of cute little shops, big beautiful trees and a fantastic park.  We set up under a massive pecan tree and let the kids head to the creek.  They had such a fun time.  At first Peter was being a bit moody, saying he was too hot, etc.  He did have a late night the night before.  After eating lunch, and more importantly, roasting marshmallows, he commented, "I feel so much better now after eating marshmallows!"  A little sugar can go a long way!  I still can't figure out how to get the pics in order.  Oh well.  And I forgot to get one of my sweet babies in their 4th of July dresses!  Shame on me!  But they did look adorable though, just for the record!  
Matthew all tuckered out after playing all day.  He rested his head on my lap and fell dead asleep within a few minutes. 
Here's Hannah making a splash.  
Hannah tried and tried to catch a minnow to no avail.  I did manage to catch her a polliwog though. 

Peter enjoyed Matthew's water shooter as Matthew spent most of the time under the water. 
Coming up from a swim. 
This is how my boy spends most of the time in the water.  He really is a fish.  He could swim when he was 1.  Seriously.  He has always known how to hold his breath under water and how to get around.  It's so fun to watch!
After the park we were all so hot and needed a treat.  So off to ice-cream we went!
Hannah enjoyed strawberry ice-cream with blue sprinkles. 
I rarely let the kids get a double-dipper but in honor of the holiday I let Peter partake.  He wore out at the end and shared with his mom.  :)
We headed to Papa and Grandma's for awhile to relax, then off to the fireworks display in the town my parents live in, Georgetown.  We did not get home until 10:45.  Jordan is out of town currently (Leah is with him, hence the lack of Leah-lou pics- they are in Utah for Jordan's Grandfather's burial services) so I manned getting everyone in and in bed alone.  No small task with the twins!  Matthew was so out of it he stood in the garage and peed his pants in a sleepy stupor.  As I cleaned him up both babies woke up and were MAD.  They started screaming as I got everyone in their beds.  Crazy, crazy but overall a wonderful day.  God Bless America, my home sweet home!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Two Babes in a Tub

A couple of days after bringing the babies home from the hospital Jordan and I had a wonferful time bathing the babies.  It was so adorable to see their reactions to the water.  So much fun! 
Miss Elizabeth after her bath, happy to be done with that ordeal.  
Can you see the sad little pout on Lizzie's face?  
Not sure what to think...
Miss Emmi curled up and hiding in her towel after a traumatic experience.  She DID NOT like it!!  
Please STOP!!  
Do I have to take a bath?!
We are loving these little peas.  They are so much fun.  

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Twins Have Arrived!

We are so thrilled to announce here on our blog the long-anticipated birth of our twin daughters, Emmeline and Elizabeth, on April 22, 2009.  I (Andrea) can't seem to get the pics in the order that I want but oh well, here they are anyway!  So I will share a bit of the birth story...

I went in to the OB Tuesday, April 21st in the morning to find out I was dilated to a 3, 75% effaced.  The OB told me if I wanted to she could break my water the next morning.  After discussing it with Jordan we decided to make the appt and get the show on the road.  I was much relieved though to go into labor on my own that night at about 11:00 PM.  With each kid my labors get longer so I was not worried about getting to the hospital anytime soon.  My contractions continued all night and we went in at 8:30 AM where I learned I was dilated to a 4.  I kept laboring as they hooked me up to the monitors and IV, etc, then learned I was at a 6 and 100% effaced.  At that point they broke my water and I got an epidural (only my second one with all the kids I have had).  It was great!  Before long I was ready to have these babies and was wheeled to the OR in case they had to do an emergency C-section.  The nurses were so intrigued I was opting for a vaginal birth with twins they called in their buddies, thus bringing in an audience of 15 people to watch the birth!  By this point I could care less though, anxious to meet the babies.  They came easily, 4 minutes apart and beautiful.  Let me introduce them...
Tired MamaBorn first...Emmeline Sue, 5 lbs, 7 oz 19.5 inches, born at 4:58 PM.  Elizabeth Anne, 6 lbs, 3 oz, 19 inches long, born at 5:02 PM.  

Pic taken before getting into the car to go to the hospital.  Ahhh, what a relief it is not to be pregnant anymore!

The ladies all bundled up. Lizzy on the right, Emmi on the left. 
Proud Daddy, already in love with his ladies. 
The nurses let Jordan bathe the babes in the nursery.  He loved it!

I stayed at the hospital for 2 days after the babies came.  My mom stayed with me both nights to help with the babies while I tried (quite unsuccessfully) to get some sleep.  It is so wonderful to have my family here!!  We are so thrilled to have these babies here and are absolutely in love with them, as are the other children.  What a blessing it is to have them.  

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Prego Pics

Jordan snapped a couple pics of me while getting birthday stuff ready for Leah.  They are not great pics- I think I look half asleep (which I usually am these days) in the second one.  But you get the general idea of my big pregnant tummy.  I am happy to report the babies are doing so well.  They really are very healthy- no complications at all.  And although I am super-duper uncomfortable I still get around a lot and live life pretty normally.  I am slowing down though and really just get so tired and sore by the end of the day.  I have ultrasounds every week now and my perinatologist says by next week they are on track to weigh 6 pounds a piece.  They are growing at a rate of 1 oz a day each.  They have also said I have the body for holding these babies in pretty close to 40 weeks so I may end up with big babies!!  I am 35 weeks Monday so things are moving along.  I have had such a fun time getting their cute little things washed and ready for them.  Still struggling with the name decision but one way or another they will have names!!  Thanks all for the very nice comments and name suggestions!!  I really appreciate it.  

Me and Matthew getting the cake ready (he almost always pulls the stool over to "help" me whenever I make anything in the kitchen.

Me and the babies, almost 35 weeks pregnant.  Don't I look like I am about to fall asleep?  Oh well.  Not the best pic but then again I am not looking my best right now!!  

Happy Birthday Leah

Yesterday was my Lovely Leah's 8th birthday.  I can hardly believe I have two kids over the age of 8 now.  Where does the time go?  She had a really fun day doing all the things she wanted to do.  It started off with a yummy breakfast made my my awesome husband.  She really wanted a fruit salad with a special sauce to go over it.  So that's what she got!  Jordan got up at 5:15 to make it since the kids are out the door at 7 AM for school.  For lunch Jordan and I both went to her school and brought her lunch.  It was so fun to be with her, despite all the gawking children admiring (or being horrified by) my enormous tummy!  After school Leah went to a friend's house to play, then came home to her favorite dinner of chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice and salad.  Then onto the cake- I did a homemade white cake with blue frosting since it's her favorite.  I did some of the batter into cones too for a little extra fun.  My parents came for the festivities.  It's so nice to have them so close!!  Then on to present time.  I put together a sewing kit for Leah as well as a pot-holder making kit, a paper-doll set and some blue crocs.  She loved all her presents and has been busy making bean-bags today.  So overall a success!  I love this girl and am so grateful to have her in my home.  She is the peace-maker of the household, trying to smooth things over for everyone.  She is very, very affectionate and sweet and wants to please.  She really is a good girl.  Anyway, here are some pics of the big day...

Opening presents
My pretty Mom and Leah all snuggled up
Leah's breakfast, fruit salad

Happy Birthday! Doesn't she look big??!