Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Fun-Filled Fourth

For the 4th I met up with my parents and we headed to the scenic little town of Salado, Texas.  What a fun little place it was!  Lots of cute little shops, big beautiful trees and a fantastic park.  We set up under a massive pecan tree and let the kids head to the creek.  They had such a fun time.  At first Peter was being a bit moody, saying he was too hot, etc.  He did have a late night the night before.  After eating lunch, and more importantly, roasting marshmallows, he commented, "I feel so much better now after eating marshmallows!"  A little sugar can go a long way!  I still can't figure out how to get the pics in order.  Oh well.  And I forgot to get one of my sweet babies in their 4th of July dresses!  Shame on me!  But they did look adorable though, just for the record!  
Matthew all tuckered out after playing all day.  He rested his head on my lap and fell dead asleep within a few minutes. 
Here's Hannah making a splash.  
Hannah tried and tried to catch a minnow to no avail.  I did manage to catch her a polliwog though. 

Peter enjoyed Matthew's water shooter as Matthew spent most of the time under the water. 
Coming up from a swim. 
This is how my boy spends most of the time in the water.  He really is a fish.  He could swim when he was 1.  Seriously.  He has always known how to hold his breath under water and how to get around.  It's so fun to watch!
After the park we were all so hot and needed a treat.  So off to ice-cream we went!
Hannah enjoyed strawberry ice-cream with blue sprinkles. 
I rarely let the kids get a double-dipper but in honor of the holiday I let Peter partake.  He wore out at the end and shared with his mom.  :)
We headed to Papa and Grandma's for awhile to relax, then off to the fireworks display in the town my parents live in, Georgetown.  We did not get home until 10:45.  Jordan is out of town currently (Leah is with him, hence the lack of Leah-lou pics- they are in Utah for Jordan's Grandfather's burial services) so I manned getting everyone in and in bed alone.  No small task with the twins!  Matthew was so out of it he stood in the garage and peed his pants in a sleepy stupor.  As I cleaned him up both babies woke up and were MAD.  They started screaming as I got everyone in their beds.  Crazy, crazy but overall a wonderful day.  God Bless America, my home sweet home!!