Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Ol' Mama!

So we moved to Austin! We have been here for five weeks and so far, so good. Moving is always hard and we have of course had some rough spots with kids adjusting and all. We have really enjoyed the new area. Lots of really nice people, beautiful scenery and enjoying the new house. Best of all I am by my parents and sister. I LOVE IT!! It's so fun to be able to call up my sister or mom and actually be able to get together with them. And the kids have loved being closer to their Papa and Grandma and cousins. Good times!!
Many people have asked for prego pictures. It's amazing to me that during the craziness of moving and all I have gotten HUGE!! I am now 30 weeks but am bigger than I ever have been in any pregnancy. Really wierd. For me being pregnant with twins has been quite an adventure. I feel very, very blessed to have this choice experience (although when my ribs feel they are going to crack I may not think so!). Basically I am just bigger faster, hurt more, eat a lot more and get pummelled by babies a lot more!! Really they move so much! It feels like they are doing constant somersaults. It's really crazy how hungry I am! The docs have said I have to gain between 40-56 pounds (YIKES) and so far I am doing just fine. Almost to 30 pounds. Hopefully I will stay on the low end not pass up 40 pounds. The babies are doing great- growing at the same rate with healthy heart-rates and all. If only we could get their names down! I have lost many hours of sleep trying to figure this out. Any great suggestions anyone??

So the pics are to make a point...The one on the bottom was taken two weeks ago, the one on top just two days ago. Look closely and you can see how much bigger I am in the top pic. I am growing really fast!! What an adventure!!

My goal is to get more updates on here so keep watching. We finally got a new camera so I have some fun pics to add on here.