Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two Peas in the Pod

Most of you already know we are expecting another baby next May. A week and a half ago I went in for the second ultrasound in this pregnancy for some pre-screening. I have had a harder time this pregnancy with sickness and mostly massive headaches on nearly a daily basis. So my OB told me she thought I should get this test done where I go see a doctor who specializes in looking for anything that could be wrong with the baby. They do this through an ultrasound and a bloodtest. So I went in, mostly for my own peace of mind, thinking it would be a routine ultrasound. Wrong about that!! Within seconds of looking at my belly she says, "You already had an ultrasound with this pregnancy, right?" I told her, yes, I had one at 8 weeks. "Then you know there's more than one in there, right" WHAT!!!!???? I really thought she was joking for quite awhile until I saw for myself that yes, sure enough, there are two little ones growing in my pregnant belly. My heart was racing out of my chest. I probably sounded like an idiot, repeating over and over "Oh my gosh. Are you serious?" I SOOO did not see that coming, especially since they did not spot the other twin playing an early game of peek-a-boo at 8 weeks. She told me right away they are identical. I have had many people ask me how she could tell so quickly and this is what they told me: You can tell they are identical by the way they are growing in the womb. They share a big sack but have a thin membrane between them. They share one placenta. I learned in this same meeting (really by this point my mind was reeling and I had to call her later to have her repeat this information) that the babies have a 5-15% chance of developing what's called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Once developed it is rather serious but since there is a small chance they are not too concerned yet. From what I have read myself it basically means one baby out-eats the other and leaves the other with nothing which can result in some major issues for the unfed baby. They will be doing lots of ultrasounds to watch these two. She also told me (this is amazing that she could tell already) that she was 95% sure they are identical girls. I already felt I was having a girl and have been right every time so I really think she is correct.
Although I was completely shocked I can honestly say I immediately thought of this as a huge blessing and thanked Heavenly Father for trusting me two of His little ones. I know it will be crazy hard and that I will know fatigue like no other time in my life. But I also know how much joy these little ones bring into our hearts and homes and am so excited that I get to meet two new little people that are mine. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed at the thought of suddenly having six children and how busy our lives will be. We have just been easing up this year as all three of the older kids are in school and Matthew is the only one home. That is going to change!!! Anyway let me introduce you to our baby girls in their first shots together:
You can see their heads on the left and right facing each other and their little bodies together in the middle.
This baby is affectionately named "Baby A" for now.

And meet "Baby B."

So that's our exciting news. I am now 15 weeks and feel more like 20 weeks as my tummy is popping out, I am hungry all the time and just feel bigger in general. But the headaches are getting a little better, much to my relief and the relief of my family (Jordan!!). Speaking of Jordan, I am so grateful I married someone who has been absolutely delighted every time I tell him we are having another baby. This time was no different. I called him at work as soon as I left the hospital. My heart was still racing and he could probably hear the anxiousness in my voice. I asked him is he was sitting down which worried him as he knew I was getting the pre-screening that day. I told him I was fine but asked again if he was sitting down. I said, "I found out some news. We are not having one baby, we are having two." He was explosive on the other end of the phone. "ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?" When I assured him I was and that they were most likely identical girls he just started laughing. It was really funny actually. He was being so loud all the people outside his office wondered what in the world was going on. His door was wide open when I called. Although he, like me was in shock for awhile we are both delighted. So that's that. I will use this blog to post updates on how the little ones are doing. For those of you reading this who already know, THANK YOU!! for your encouragement and support. We definitely need it!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Peter!!

Today is our sweet Peter's 10th birthday. Ten years already! It's hard to believe I have a kid in the double digits. Peter is so excited for today- he got up at the crack of dawn (which actually is nothing too new for him!). We have so enjoyed having Peter is our lives. From the first moments of his life we learned he is a mellow, kind person. He is a friendly kid, trying hard to talk to those who may not have many friends. It's fun to take him to school and hear the chorus of "Hi Peter!"'s from his schoolmates. He is a very creative kid and spends much of his time creating games or other various activities to pass the time. He also spends much of his time reading. He loves to read, especially the Harry Potter series which is his favorite. He helps me out a lot in the kitchen and likes to sit and chat with me about life. He made his own cupcakes to bring to school- white cupcakes with green-dyed cream cheese frosting. He put on green spinkles and platic army guys since today is Veteran's Day. He did a gret job! So happy birthday to my sweet boy. We love you Peter!!