Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Back!

Wow, how very quickly life can change. Most of you readers know that we moved to Austin in January of 2009. We were moving close to family; my sister and parents both live there. We were excited about living in the hill country of Texas as well as being in a smaller city. Well, unfortunately our stay in Austin did not last long. In September of last year my husband's law firm decided to close down their Austin office. They gave a reasonable severance package which bought us some time. Within a couple of months Jordan had two offers. One in Dallas, one in Houston. None in Austin. The one in Dallas did not feel right for our family so off to Houston we went! Jordan started the new job in Houston at the beginning of December. I stayed behind with the kids (with the house on the market mind you- not a small feat!) and saw Jordan on the weekends. We moved here on January 7th. The house is still on the market and we pray it'll sell soon. For now we are renting a darling little home in a beautiful neighborhood full of huge pine trees. We are really loving it here! We are astounded at the mercies of the Lord through all of this. Although is was hard for Jordan to lose his job we are so grateful he found a new one so soon. We are so happy to be in this lovely place and for the opportunity to meet new people and let the kids stretch their wings a bit as they acclimate to yet another place. They are doing great! We are so proud of them. People have been so kind to us here. I was asked last week to serve as 1st counselor with the young women at church which I am thrilled about. I love working with the youth. So far we have all good things to say about living here. Except for the commute. It's long. And I am sure we will have something to say this summer!!
So moving are a few pics of our life recently. Just last week (Feb 2) our sweet Matthew had his 4th birthday. He had such a fun day, eating his breakfast of choice (cinnamon toast-crunch) and going to Chuck-E-Cheese's for the afternoon. It was so fun to hang out with him while the kids were at school. Our Matthew can be a handful- very busy and VERY LOUD but we love him so much. He is really funny, always coming up with the most bizarre things and doing things that just make us laugh. Just last week I asked him what the most fun thing in the world would be for him to do and without missing a beat he answered, "I would take lots of handfuls of mud, make a pool of mud and go swimming in it." Sounds fun to me! Awhile back I had several of my kids at the store with me and as we were walking out the door I noticed Matthew had gone to one of the produce bins by the doors, taken a cantaloupe, and was hauling out the door with it. He looked so funny trying to run with a big cantaloupe I couldn't help but laugh! So here are a few pics of him celebrating with his desired dessert- strawberry shortcake. We love this boy so much!
My goofy kids.
I am this many now!! He says it "fowa" instead of "four." He sounds like a New Yorker.
Isn't he the cutest little guy? I just want to eat him up sometimes.
In other news, Hannah has a toothless grin! She loves that she is missing teeth and is sure to point it out to anyone willing to admire her. She's such a goof-ball.
I promise I am going to blog more! I just have to make time! Life is going too fast and I want to document it better. For now I will close by saying we are grateful to be here, loving our new life and feeling so blessed to have all these sweet little people in our lives. We couldn't ask for more.


jennie w. said...

YW presidency??? Because you're not busy enough already? At least you'll know all the babysitters!

Potato Girl said...

We have so much to write about because of our wonderful children, but no time to write, because of our wonderful children!

Rachelle said...

Oh love the pictures and seeing your blogging again!!! YW will be such a nice change of pace from all the little ones, enjoy!!
Love you tons!!!

kg said...


It's so fun to see you and your beautiful family! Your kids are so adorable and you look fabulous, just like your mom always did. It makes me so happy to hear and see where you are with your life. Sounds like you've been busy! And I love your banner picture!


Jayna said...

Oh I am glad you are updating again and enjoying Houston. And lady please, my babies rarely get dressed let alone get a headband on (it must have been a special occasion). You are way more on top of things than i am.

PC said...

Matthew is such a little boy. I'd love to read more/hear more about his antics. We sure miss all of you guys. We are looking for an opportunity to visit...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog design and the picture at the top! so cute! Matt's shirt is hilarious! And i miss you guys :(

love you!